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Google speedgeddon

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Google is giving increasing importance to the loading speed of websites. 

In fact in the Google Search Console we already find the new speed report for the various pages that allows us to keep track of any slow pages and that need an improvement in terms of performance, perhaps because we forgot to have inserted too heavy an image or very large CSS files.

The Google Search Console will notify us via email, as we were already used to for other features, if some pages present problems as they are too slow.. 

The Google team is working to directly integrate a special 'badge' into Chrome that will mark slow sites, making it clear to a visitor that the site he is opening will load the page very slowly. Therefore the effect will be to encourage him to abandon that site for the benefit of another faster and more performing.

So not only a ranking factor, the loading speed of web pages will also become a sort of evaluation factor by users who use Chrome to navigate, who at a glance may be able to decide whether or not to click on the result of a SERP marked as slow, or whether to decide in favor of another faster.

Directly from Google in order to highlight any problems to be solved and the improvements necessary to increase the speed and performance of your website, this is Google PageSpeed Insights:

The Google PageSpeed test generates a page performance report for both mobile and desktop devices and provides advice on the various aspects that should be improved. At the base of everything, there is a score assigned to the page evaluating the performances obtained, a real degree of classification. This score is determined through Lighthouse which is an open-source software from Google that can quickly analyze any URL address and produce a detailed report. The score is divided into 3 categories:

  • Over 90: the page is considered fast
  • Between 50 and 90: the page is considered average
  • Below 50: the page is considered slow

The goal will be to avoid pages that fall into the third category with a score below 50, if we stay above this threshold our site will not be labeled as slow..

The best known plugin is definitely JCH Optimize available at this address: which is distributed in 2 different versions, one free and one paid PRO version.. 

For professional sites and for better results, we recommend the PRO version which includes much more advanced features such as the management of the HTTP / 2 protocol..

  • The plugn is available for the following CMS: - CMS Joomla Joomla  - CMS WordPress WordPress - CMS Drupal Drupal - CMS Magneto Magento


Horse Club Templates

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Creation and design of websites with models / themes of our production in applications:

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Publication of Gorgonzola PC Support Website

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Design Templates

Publication of Gorgonzola PC Support Website

Publication of Gorgonzola PC Support Website

  • Templates of our production
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  • Templates of our production
  • Responsive RWD

Please note that, in addition to designing and realizzatre Templates / themes for CMS applications, we follow your web site for the implementation of extensions (modules and plugins) and the realization of the page layout.

All our models / The themes are responsive design compatible with mobile devices.


If you are interested in making a Vs. Corporate Web Site, please contact us ...Application CMS: Joomla - Drupal - WordPress


Team Sara Web

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Templates / Themes February 2019

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My projects in the responsive layout

Design Studio

Design Studio

Realization and design of websites with Templates / Themes of our production in the CMS applications Joomla - Drupal - WordPress - HTML5


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The first thing to do is to pay particular attention so as to optimize our sites and blogs within the search ("search").

If the current year has brought to the fore some technical issues such as the protocol for secure communication "HTTPS" in place of the old "HTTP" (actually still widely used) and the "AMP" system (Accelerated Mobile Pages, in truth) launched for about three years) to speed up the loading of pages on mobile phones and tablets, some of the top SEO experts in the world expect that 2019 will bring us much more clamorous news from the huge increase in volume of voice searches, from great growth of research on Amazon (AMSO, or Amazon Search Optimization), the further development of the "Blockchain" (chain of blocks), the further increase in "mobile" research and the enhancement of high-level backlinks..

In addition to these parameters, we must continue to focus our attention first of all on high quality content, on the length of the texts, on a wise use of the keywords, internal links and the various h2 - h3 (etc.), on the use of a adequate meta description (by many now considered secondary, but instead fundamental for those sites that have especially modest volumes of visits) and a valid URL address, on the enhancement of videos and photographs within the pages and, of course, on the continuous comparison with other competing realities and our personal intuitions in order to be able to anticipate the direct competition.

Do not forget also the importance of social networks (Facebook, Instagram and more), the various tools offered by Google (starting from Google My Business and Analytics), a newsletter to send our updates, the usefulness of YouTube , a captivating and well cared-for graphic look and trying to write in a good Italian.

Voice research and SEO 2019: a boom is expected

Voice searches are the hottest topic among those discussed by the top SEO experts on a global level.

In the short term they could benefit from those attentive realities right now to the use of new keywords to be used in the pages of their site, trying to adapt even in part to current trends and juvenile jargon (in addition to foreign words that will enter part of our common language).

It will also be essential to try to develop the content through a series of questions and answers, as a good part of the "Voice search" deals with questions on a particular topic.

Mobile searches (mobile) and speed loading pages AMP

Mobile searches have long since surpassed desktop ones, and mobile-optimized sites have already gained some positioning advantage within indexing on Google and the various search engines.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a system now used (data provided by Google a few days ago) from thirty-one million websites in order to speed up the loading of their pages on mobile phones and tablets (so to speak, when next to a page you see a small lightning, it means that it is provided with AMP).

Born about three years ago in the Digital News Initiative, the association founded by Google in collaboration with eight European press publications (including La Stampa), the AMP project was created to guarantee a sustainable future for digital information, making the lighter pages and therefore faster loading.

Backlink SEO 2019: quality of the links from the external top parameter

Receiving a link from another site (backlink) was one of the most popular strategies in the past in order to position yourself in the best way.

Today the rules at stake have changed a lot and the role of the backlinks remains important as a ranking factor by Google mostly if our site is mentioned by an authoritative portal (with authority we mean only a site with a high number of visits).

It is obviously not easy to receive a backlink from someone bigger than us but, even if the above mentioned quotation should happen from a small or medium-sized portal, it would still be one more point earned.

Write high quality content and you will see that once in a while you will be rewarded with some backlinks.

Social Network 2019 and SEO: how much can Facebook influence?

Mark Zuckerberg, patron of Facebook, has recently announced that 2019 will see numerous innovations regarding the most popular social network in the world.

Certain contents defined as "abstract" (starting from the links to the articles and the pages of the various sites) will be penalized in favor of posts linked to photographs, videos created specifically for Fb and generally linked to interpersonal relationships between friends.


2019 will probably see its biggest reason for revolution in the SEO world thanks to the role of vocal searches, increasingly used not only by young people but also by the adult public.

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